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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Congressional Insanity

The so called "Deficit Reduction" plan is just another excuse for the rich and big corporations to get richer on the backs of the American working people.

Here's what the Senator Sanders, from Vermont, who is doing the best job of responsibly representing the American People today, has to say about the deal:  Senator Bernie Sanders

The reaction of many progressive members of Congress mirrors mine:

I think the "middle class" has lost so much over the last twenty years that now all working people have similar issues, no matter what sector they work in or what their job title.  From now on, I'm going to talk about all American working persons as a group and stop making artificial distinctions like white collar, blue collar, or middle class.  We all are, or were employees, and we all have the same issues and needs.  We are all taxed out of proportion to our incomes, and it is time we recognized, and put a stop to it.  IF we organized and could agree on the issues important to us, we have the numbers and thus the political power, to change things.  Unfortunately, the majority of us are working so hard, we don't take the time or put out the energy to make our voices heard.

I read the other day that the reason the Tea Party has so much power these days is that they recognize that most people don't care about the primary elections.  They put their time, energy, and money into getting a candidate nominated who will work for their agenda.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If it works for them, it will work for us.  If we get busy and make sure candidates who will represent OUR interests are nominated by BOTH parties, when the general election rolls around, we can have confidence that no matter who wins, we will not be sending a Representative or Senator to the Congress who is a vassal of the rich or big corporations.

Unless you are looking forward to being a peasant in a third world country, which is exactly where the United States is headed, it is time to stop being lazy and complacent. It is time to get busy and use the political system to our advantage.  We need a resurgence of Grey Panthers to protect the interests of retired people.  We need to recognize that the value of Labor Unions has been underestimated and compromised because of Jimmy Hoffa type characters who criminalized what was originally a great idea.  By organizing and concentrating the voices of the many, organized labor had a strong voice in American politics for many years.

If we can use everything that was learned in organizing workers in many industries, and apply those principles, without the goon tactics and criminal activity, the American Workers COULD have representation in the Congress.  We COULD tell the President he better find his courage and stand up to the people who want to take the little we have, for themselves.  We COULD tell the President he better stand up for US.

I'm tired of people who don't care about America holding the entire economy, and thus the whole country, hostage.  I served in the U.S. Armed Forces. I fought in a VERY unpopular war. I have been a responsible, productive, tax paying citizen my whole life.  I love the principles in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution.  I love what America has always stood for, and the America that we can and should be.

I am very troubled by seeing the entire Congress hijacked by people who very obviously DON'T love America.  They are so obviously in the pockets of special interests, I can't understand why they aren't being investigated.  The press crawls all over every word a President says, ridicules a well meaning, former football player, who had some coordination issues, until he was un-electable; but these people who are criminally obstructing the work of the entire Congress and endangering the welfare of the entire country are not scrutinized at all.

I'd like to see the Attorney General get to work, and look into the campaign funding of these people and see if there isn't a conflict of interest behind all their self-serving rhetoric.  I'd like to see the Ethics Committee looking into the dereliction of duty of these ideologs who are not getting the business of the United States done.  They have sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States, but by their insistance on their own way, like spoiled two year olds, they are actually endangering the whole country.

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