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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The SHORT Version

Here is the "SHORT" Version of the conservative strategy:

Step 1: Break things.  For example, the economy.
Step 2: Blame anyone liberal or progressive for failing to fix what the conservatives broke.
Step 3: LIE frequently. Make sure the lies get in the press. If people hear it often enough, there are plenty of people dumb enough to believe the lies.  Make up some "danger" to make people afraid, so they don't think straight. Take away some civil liberties by making people believe it is necessary for their safety.
Step 4: Lie some more, and promise that if people will just vote for conservative candidates, everything will get better. Once there is a conservative majority, abolish any government agency that protects ANYTHING, like consumers, the elderly, or the environment; then steal everything they can from American Taxpayers and give it to themselves.


The result: America becomes a Third World country, where the rich can easily get "good help."

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